Duration: Same day Min age: 10 Activity: Round trip

Destinations: Delhi, Mathura, Agra.

Cost Per Car 4+1 Not Per Person

  • # Delhi To Mathura Agra By A/C Economy 4+1 Car Cost = 7500/Rs.
  • # Delhi To Mathura Agra By A/C Standard Sedan 4+1 Car Cost = 8500/Rs, With Guide.
  • # Delhi To Mathura Agra By A/C Luxury Sedan 4+1 Car Cost = 9500/Rs, With Guide.

Cost Per Car 6+1 Not Per Person

  • # Delhi To Mathura Agra By A/C SUV Standard 6+1 Car Cost = 8500/Rs, With Guide.
  • # Delhi To Mathura Agra Same day tour By SUV Economy Car Cost 6+1= 9500/Rs.
  • # Delhi To Mathura Agra Same day Tour By SUV Standard Car Cost 6+1=9500/Rs.
  • # A/C Tempo Traveller 9/Seater Cost= 14500/Rs, with Guide (Pick-up From Hotel).
  • # A/C Tempo Traveller 12/Seater Cost= 14500/Rs, With Guide. (Pick-up From Hotel)


  • Air Condition Car With English Speaking Chauffer For All Transfers And Sight Seeing as Per Tour Package.
  • English Speaking Guide During Sight Seeing.
  • State Tax, Toll Taxes, Parking, Driver Allowance, Fuel, Most important Your insurance.


  • Entrance Fee of Monuments.
  • Lunch And Dinner
  • Any Tips, Beverages. Laundry, Personal Expenses.
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Day 1 : Delhi - Mathura

Pick up from Delhi Airport – Railway Station – Hotel & proceed to Mathura Agra Same Day Tour By Car.

History of Mathura

Mathura widely known as birth place of lord Krishna is located on the western bank of river Yamuna at latitude 27degree 41 Minute N and 77Degree and 41 Minuet E. It is 145 Km south-east of Delhi and 58 Km north west of Agra in the State of Uttar Pradesh. For about 3000 Year it was the hub of culture and civilization . Held in sanctity by the Buddhists, Jain and Brahmanical faith alike, it has a long and chequered history. One of the Sapta Mahapuris, it was ruled in turns by the kings of Solar and Lunar dynasties and became a center of three Cultures India Indo-Scythian and Hellenstic. For are creation Mathura is the Athens of India. The great school of sculpture known as Mathura school of Art flourished here for 1200 Years. Such proliflic creativety and gushing devotion to novel Art Forms and experi-ment in sculptures and clay figurines as found in this school are rare in the annals of indian Art History. A survey of this glorious School of Art can be made in the Government Museum, Mathura. The present day Mathura abounds in Place of Religious and Historic Interest, All round the year A large number of Festival and fairs are held in Matura and adjoining areas of Vrindavan Gokul, Brazen and Goverdhan The rascal of Brij is thematically the basis of many performing Arts.

History of Agra

Agra is one of the main historical cities of India. Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, Agra was one of the important cities under Mughal period. The beautiful city Agra came into public interest when Sikandar Lodhi decided to transfer the capital city from Delhi to Agra. It was capital city for some of the great Mughal emperors like Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb. For the period of the Mughal period, Agra acquired number of dazzling monuments like Agra Fort, Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri and Chini ka Rauza. The historical city Agra has found its mention in the famous Hindu epic Mahabharata as the forest of Agraban close to Mathura. Badal Singh founded the city in 1475. Sikandar Lodhi made Agra his capital city. Later, Babur conquered the Lodhis to capture the city situated on the banks of River Yamuna and thus, the long association of Mughals with Agra started. The Mughal love of architecture translated into beautiful monuments such as Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and Sikandra. Emperor Akbar built the Agra fort and Fatehpur Sikri near Agra. Fatehpur Sikri remained his capital for around fifteen years after which the city was left isolated in mysterious circumstances. Jahangir beautified Agra with palaces and gardens despite spending most of his time in Kashmir with which he was passionately attached.

History of Taj Mahal

History of Taj Mahal Stands in the city of Agra, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, on the banks of the Yamuna River. The history of Agra, the Taj Mahal India is one of the great love stories of the world. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan ruled from 1628 to 1658 and was married to Arjumand Bano Begum. He called his wife Mumtaz Mahal (Crown of the Palace), because she was so loved to him. Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan had 14 children and the queen accompanied Shah Jahan everywhere. The history of Agra, the Taj Mahal tells us many mythology and facts associated with this wonderful structure. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan Built the Taj Mahal in the remembrance of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Bano Begum), an indivisible companion of Shah Jahan, died in 1631, while giving birth to their 14th child. Her dying wish to Shah Jahan was that he should construct a tomb in her remembrance such as the world had never seen before. The history of Agra, the Taj Mahal begins with Mumtaz Mahal’s tragic end. It is thought that during her last moments, Mumtaz Mahal obtained a promise from Shah Jahan that he will build world’s most beautiful tribute in her remembrance. But this has not been proven to be true, till date. However, Shah Jahan did certainly build a wonderful monument as a tribute to her wife, which we today know as the “Taj Mahal“. Shah Jahan, himself also, lies entombed in this tomb along with his wife. The construction of Taj Mahal started in the year 1631 and it took just about 22 years to build it. An essence of love, it made use of the services of 22,000 laborers and 1,000 elephants. It was built totally out of white marble, which was brought in from all over India and central Asia. After an expenditure of approximately 32 million rupees, The Taj Mahal was finally finished in the year 1653. However, the history of Agra Taj Mahal of India still has some gaps. Their real tombs are in an underground room of the Taj Mahal. The two ornamentally decorated tombs on the ground floor, protected by the dome of the Taj Mahal are part of the stylistic design of this beautiful monument in Agra India. The history of the Taj Mahal in Agra is a love story that transcends time and continues to be retold each day to the tourists who trip the Taj Mahal in Agra India.

Visit Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal One of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal was built by a grief stricken Emperor Shahjahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. A world-renowned wonder, Taj Mahal sits pretty on the northern side of this green paradise. It looks the same from all the four sides! The Quranic inscriptions on its four entrances are carved in such subtle increase in size that may appear to be of the same size from top to bottom! Shahjahan invited master craftsmen from as far as Italy and Persia to help design his ambitious tribute to love. Taj Mahal is phenomenal not in the beauty alone that shines forth, but in the deep planning and design that went into its making, and the ethereal idea of immortalizing love. Delicate carvings in marble vie with gorgeous pietra dura for attention. Lapis-lazuli, Cornelian, Mother of pearl, Agate and Emerald are inlayed in floral and geometrical patterns in the marble itself. This enchanting mausoleum, on the bank of river Yamuna started in 1631 and it took 22 years to complete with the help of an estimated 20000 workers.

Visit Agra Fort

The great Mughal Emperor Akbar commissioned the construction of the Agra Fort in 1666, A.D. although additions were made till the time of his grandson Shahjahan. The forbidding exteriors of this fort hide an inner paradise. There are a number of exquisite buildings like Moti Masjid – a white marble mosque akin to a perfect pearl; Diwan-I-Am, Diwan-I-Khaas, Musamman Burj – where Shahjahan died in 1666 A.D. Jahangir’s Palace; Khaas Mahal and Shish Mahal.

Visit Itmad-ud-daula(Baby Taj)

Itmad-ud-daula has a special place in the chronicles of both history as well as architecture. This is precisely because Itmad ud Daula is the very first tomb in India that is entirely made out of Marble. This is actually a mausoleum that overlooks the River Yamuna and is a tomb of Mir Ghiyas Beg, a minister in the court of Shah Jahan.

Visit Akbar’s Tomb at Sikandra

One of famous mugal Era building in Agra and most visit tourist place of Agra. Sikandra fort is also known as mausoleum of Akbar. Fort of sikandra has blending of Islamic, Jain, Hindu and Christian theme. Fort of Sikandra is named after ruler of Delhi Sikandar lodhi, which was the ruler of Delhi in the year 1488 to 1517. Fort of Sikandra was built by Akbar. After death of Akbar it is continued by Jahangir son of Akbar. This fort is located about at a distance of 10 kms from the city centre.

Visit Fatehpur Sikri

The deserted red Sandstone City, Emperor Akbar built that as his capital and palace in the late 16th century is an exhilarating experience. It a veritable fairytale city and its “ruins” are in pristine condition … it’s not hard to imagine what the court life must have been like in the days of it’s grandeur.

Visit Mathura

Agra to Delhi visit on the way Mathura. City associated with the most revered of Hindu Gods – Lord Krishna , which is sacred being the birth place of Lord Krishna. The surroundings ‘ Braj Bhoomi ’ is where Lord Krishna is supposed to have grown up.In the afternoon visit in Vrindavan, Govind Dev Temple, Rangaji Temple – Vrindavan’s longest temple constructed in 1851 with a 50 feet tall ‘ Dhwaja Stambha ’ believed to be gold – plated. Continue to Madan Mohan Temple situated near Kali Ghat , Glass Temple and the Bankey Bihari Temple – one of the oldest temples built in 1921.

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Cheapest Same Day Delhi Mathura Agra Tour Packages, Delhi Mathura Agra Round Trip Package | Around Delhi Tour
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  • Cheapest Same Day Delhi Mathura Agra Tour Packages, Delhi Mathura Agra Round Trip Package | Around Delhi Tour
  • Cheapest Same Day Delhi Mathura Agra Tour Packages, Delhi Mathura Agra Round Trip Package | Around Delhi Tour
  • Cheapest Same Day Delhi Mathura Agra Tour Packages, Delhi Mathura Agra Round Trip Package | Around Delhi Tour
  • Cheapest Same Day Delhi Mathura Agra Tour Packages, Delhi Mathura Agra Round Trip Package | Around Delhi Tour
  • Cheapest Same Day Delhi Mathura Agra Tour Packages, Delhi Mathura Agra Round Trip Package | Around Delhi Tour

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